Formfinder brings you pro tour training tailored to your ability level and time availability. Having raced in the pro tour for 17 years, I know what works; the winning riders all train in a similar way.

Daily TrainingTailored Daily Training Plan
Let us structure your training around your work and lifestyle. Specify how many hours you can commit to training each week, and Formfinder will take care of the rest.

Auto AnalysisAutomatic Analysis of your data
Upload via Strava, Garmin, Polar or Suunto device or import .fit files and the computer will check your data, graph it, show a map, comment on your performance and adjust training as needed.
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Download data from:
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Target eventsTarget your events
Your structured training will bring you to a peak at the right time.

ZWO filesZwift Workouts
We appreciate time crunched cyclists can get more time value by riding indoors. Most Formfinder training sessions are Zwift compatible.

We provide downloadable workout files in the following formats:
  • .zwo for Zwift workouts instructions
  • .fit for Garmin, Wahoo, Lezyne, Bryton so you can follow your training on the road instructions
  • Garmin users can get workouts sent daily to their device
  • .erg for Trainer Road, RacerMate/Computrainer, Rouvy, PerfPRO Studio, iMobileIntervals, Maximum Trainer, ErgVideo
  • .mrc for Trainer Road, Hurts, Rouvy, iMobileIntervals, ErgVideo

leave a commentLeave a comment about your workout
After uploading your data you can leave a comment. All comments are read by human coach Mon-Fri.

Adaptive PlanAdaptive Plan
Enter "A", "B" and "C" priority races or events each year and Formfinder training will help you reach peak form for those events. Training adapts if you miss any days due to a busy schedule or sickness. Formfinder training automatically re-organises itself around your schedule.

Daily FeedbackDaily Feedback
Formfinder training will adapt based on your feedback. If you're struggling with your training load or your life means training needs to be adjusted, your feedback will adjust your training schedule.

Health firstHealth and overall strength
Overall athlete well-being is essential to performance on the bike and in your daily life.

Don't waste your time and money on a low quality training program. Train like a pro. Stay healthy. Become a better cyclist and get the upper hand on your mates - and those Strava cups!

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FREE 14 Day trial

Free training plan trial for 14 days and everything else is free forever: the maps, the analysis, charts of best powers, fatigue, form and fitness graphs.

Formfinder Cycling Training

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