Formfinder 2021 Pro Race bib shorts

Formfinder 2021 Pro Race bib shorts

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Le Col's fastest bib shorts, the Pro Bib Shorts have been developed and proven at the highest level. Using a lycra sport fibre for a metered, supportive fit, these shorts are breathable and versatile in wide temperature ranges.

Manufactured in Italy by Le Col, same material and cut as used by the Bahrain Merida pro team in 2020.

Cut for racing, these shorts offer an aerodynamic profile, whilst mesh bib straps and low-key blackout silicone leg grippers hold them steadfastly in place.
Using the Pro Dolomiti Chamois for a trim outline and a core comfort, this thinner pad has a highly effective silicone treatment, providing comfort and removing excess bulk. Finished with embroidered logos, these shorts are for the fastest rides going.
Size The bibs are about a size up from Castelli & Sportful racing fit, so Small LeCol Pro = Medium Castelli.

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