How does it work?

Formfinder uses computer AI to bring you pro cycling training. You answer some questions, set some goals and the training is automatically generated,
exactly like a pro would get.
After you upload your workout data, it is instantly analysed, feedback given and training is adjusted as needed.


1 Sign up for a free account - no strings attached.
You get free training 14 days. After that everything else remains free. You only need to pay if you want the coaching plans.
Formfinder free trial

2 Add some goal events, then view your training. You get a daily view with lots of extra detail available and a weekly summary or calendar view. Here's a sample day of training.
Formfinder Sample Day of training

3 Before you train, tell us how you feel each day. Sore throat? The system will change your training just like a real coach would. Wedding this weekend? Stuck at work? That's OK, we can change your training to accommodate that. Click on "HOW DO YOU FEEL" above to see the questionnaire.
How do you feel?

You can download most workouts as zwo, fit, erg or mrc files so you can follow the plan on your favourite platform or on the road on your bike computer.
download fit file

Do the training, no more guesswork. This is pro training, but within your available time. See our case studies to get an idea of what sort of gains you can make with this training.

Formfinder do the training

4 Upload your workout data via Strava link or straight off your device. The computer then automatically analyses what you did and shows graphs, maps, stats and comments on your ride. Training is then adjusted as needed. See a sample page

Formfinder automatic analysis

All your stats in one easy to see place. When you click on "best 1 minute" the map zooms in to the place where you did it.

Formfinder automatic analysis
The computer analyses your workout - in this case blocks of 12 minute "Zone 3" intervals.
You can leave a comment - all comments are read by Jeremy.

5 Enjoy the results of your hard work!
Enjoy results
Want to know more?
Take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Formfinder is free. You only need to subscribe to get the training plans.
You get free training plans for 14 days on sign up.


Jeremy Hunt

There's nothing better than seeing athletes making the performance gains they've always dreamt of. I'd love to have you on board.

- Jeremy Hunt, Formfinder