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We know that filling in forms is much easier if you have all the answers to hand. Here are the main questions we'll be asking:
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  • Your country - helps with planning for winter or off season
  • Height
  • Weight
  • How many hours per week you have to train (Approximate: you might need to do more or less hours on occasion)
  • Your threshold power - the highest power you can maintain for an hour
  • Your threshold heart rate - the highest heart rate you can hold for an hour
  • The most km you have ridden in a week
  • The average speed of a typical 1h30m group ride that you do
  • To what level you have played in any athletic sports before
  • How many years you have been training in any sport
  • What level cyclist you would describe yourself as
  • Your main fitness goal in the next year
  • Which days you're able to do long rides on (usually weekend days)
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