We offer three plans:

Bronze Plan

The workouts are tailored based on your fitness and target events, but won't change based on daily feedback. Ideal if you want to peak for a big event

  • Enter up to three goal events per year
  • Receive a plan for your events
  • Up to 1 FTP change per month
  • Silver Plan

    The same race winning workouts as in the Bronze Plan, but the plan now adapts to your daily feedback. Got to miss a day? Sore throat? The plan adapts for these scenarios, keeping you on track for your long term goals.

  • Enter any number of events per year
  • Schedule days off
  • Plan changes according to daily feedback
  • Upload training data (power, heart, gps)
  • Up to 5 FTP changes per month
  • Gold Plan

    Some athletes just prefer to be in touch with a human coach. Same workouts, same advice, but with Jeremy looking over them. Space may not be available since there is only one Jeremy.

  • Direct training from Jeremy Hunt
  • Weekly email contact
  • Pre and post race analysis

  • Formfinder Cycling Training

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