Featured Athlete Ryan Brodie

by Jeremy Hunt

Featured Athlete Ryan Brodie
Ryan raced bikes as a junior with a fair bit of success. Once he turned 18 he discovered cars and motorbikes, and the bike was hung up in the garage to collect dust for the next 20 years...

Ryan now works as a truck driver. The long working weeks and time sitting down, the typical truck driver diet of roadhouse food, and the lack of exercise, caused Ryan to blow out to a whopping 164kg (it may have been higher, but that was the max. the scales showed)!

Three years ago Ryan and his wife found out they were expecting a baby, so he decided enough was enough and his health and life had to be turned around. He started walking daily and adjusted his diet, cutting out beer and junk food. A few months passed and enough weight was lost that he was able to get out on the bike and do some short rides.

Ryan decided to set a goal of completing the longest race in Australia, the 265km Melbourne to Warrnambool, that finishes in his home town, Warrnambool. Being a truck driver, finding a coach that would work with his multiple schedule changes due to overtime and extra shifts was always going to be hard. Ryan credits Formfinder for being able to work in with his busy, ever changing lifestyle. "Formfinder training is the best option for me for training. I can fill in my questions in the morning or the night before and if I am too tired or scheduled on for an extra shift my training will automatically shuffle around. I still get all my important sessions and I don't have to call a coach every day to get changes made and wait for their response if they don't answer. It costs a fortune to get a coach who will be on call daily, but I need that with my line of work and Formfinder has been able to do what a one on one coach who's on call 24-7 can do".

18 months out from the target race Ryan weighed 128kg and his FTP was 285 watts. By the time he was a month out from his target event, Ryan had won numerous A-grade local events, and had a whopping FTP of 395 watts and weighing in at 82kg.

Ryan is an outlier in terms of turnaround and power improvement. He claims to be a bit obsessive in his ways, "I can be so strict with my diet and all my training. It borders on insanity, I never miss an effort and do every single minute to the 'T'. It drives my wife nuts. I am glad my target event has passed and I can return to normal living for a bit".

These obsessive commitments are not necessarily ideal for most people, but it has been great to see Ryan's massive change in lifestyle, and we congratulate him on his achievements on the bike!

Ryan Brodie lost half his body weight in a year
Ryan's transformation from September 2017 to February 2019, having lost 82kg - half his bodyweight.

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