Training Preparation


Training Preparation
While the most important part of your riding is probably how you perform in your event, nearly all your preparation is done in training. Applying yourself diligently to your FormFinder training program is a separate topic, this post is to remind you to adequately prepare for every session so you’re not going to encounter time restrictions.

You’ll notice the FormFinder website gives you a neatly laid out view of your upcoming training sessions. The reason for this is so you can plan your riding time accordingly.

Plan your ride the night before.

Set your alarm with ample time to get ready and fit your full training session in, leaving enough time afterwards to get to work on time!

Fill your drink bottles, pump your tyres up and charge any drivetrain and computer batteries. If you’re going to be riding outside in the dark, charge and mount your lights. If your plan is to ride the trainer and do a Zwift session, get your bike and everything else you need ready to go; put your bike in the trainer and get your towel and everything else ready.

The time you can save the night before means you can get through your training session stress free.

We even suggest getting all your kit ready and laying it out ready to put on. We’re big fans of getting every clothing item ready so you can kit up in a hurry in the morning while on “auto pilot”, wishing you were still asleep.

Any procrastination or time wasting you can avoid means you can get your session started without worrying you won’t be able to complete it.

Another important thing to remember is a 1 hour ride is probably going to take you 1 ¼ to 1 ½ hours by the time you actually get started, to the time you return home ready to shower. Keep this in mind and plan accordingly!

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